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Grays Harbor to Point Reyes–PHOTOS

November 13, 2012

Below are a few photographs recording the time Murre and I spent along the Oregon, Washington, and then California coasts, including waylays in Grays Harbor, Astoria, Newport; the Crescent City fly-by, and finally anchor down in Point Reyes’ Drakes Bay.

It may be interesting to note:

Grays Harbor: the wall chart on which the Coast Guard lays out the geography of the harbor bar (Middle Grounds, Slop Hole, Red Line, Green Line, etc.) in a way that is typical of all the harbors of the coast; the Lady Washington looking so small in the offing; the bar observation tower.

Astoria: the long, high bridge reminiscent of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge; the log ship–all along the coast ships like these were being loaded to the very brim with logs bound, I was told, for the pulp mills of China–two departed the Columbia while this one took on her wood.

Newport: the lovely, arching bridge and that great salvation known as the Rogue Brewer, whose winter ale, Mogul, did much to buoy my spirits. Here also met Kimber and Mike on FREEBIRD (behind Murre at the transient dock), heading south for Mexico and beyond–the only other cruisers I met after departing Sitka. So I was not the LAST boat to escape the North Pacific.

Crescent City: well, the pile driver, of course, and the hail shortly after departure, and that strange turquoise water.

Point Reyes: it starts with the snap of the chart, Murre’s course and her bee-line in…


  1. Lawrence Killingsworth permalink
    November 16, 2012 4:15 pm

    Beautiful photos, as usual.
    Marvelous story — starring you and Murre.

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