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Those who buy old boats with the expectation of casting off immediately for paradisal shores are quickly educated or they drown.

    ~Albert Grimstock

New Decks and Cabin Sides

New Decks and Cabin Sides

I had no notion that a restoration was needed when I bought Murre in 2001, nor exactly what a restoration might be. I was a cheechako of the highest order, a man who knew not the difference between fiberglass construction and plywood sheethed lightly in glass. If a builder had gone to the trouble of using certain materials and methods, I thought, he had his reasons. Who would bother to make something that could fail?

Even a close, pre-purchase inspection shook loose no worry. Here and there Murre’s forty year old decks had a softness to them, and the new paint covering the wood under the cabin windows met the hammer with a thunk. When the surveyor mentioned her “needing a patch or two,” it was with a professional casualness whose subtlety I missed, as though he were suggesting that hole in my trousers could do with a stitch, after which all would be well. I nodded agreement where none existed, whereupon the man took his fee, in cash, and left.

Under wraps for the Cockpit Rebuild

Under wraps for the Cockpit Rebuild

So then, here are gathered a few articles, broken out by area of focus, discussing the restoration projects that followed. Note that these projects did not begin right away. As I recall it now, there was a year of depression as the reality of Murre’s contidion manifested with the creeping inevitability of a glacier; then there was a year of wondering how to proceed, if such was even possible. And in between there was a tremendous amount of sailing that needed doing.

The Projects

Back on the waters of San Francisco Bay

Back on the waters of San Francisco Bay

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