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Reflections Upon Falling Overboard–VIDEO

August 9, 2012

Along the way Murre and I discovered two large pieces of debris that had been washed from the shores of Japan by the Tsunami of 2011.

One was an upended fishing boat encountered on the warm afternoon of June 28, our eighth day at sea, and the other a piece of concrete dock three days later.

By way of reminder, the boat…

Port side.

And the concrete dock…

Murre approaches section of concrete dock.

By the latter sighting we had made good a thousand miles of northing.  Skies were gray and temperatures cool, requiring I don fleeces top and bottom for the first time since departing Hawaii. And the lightness of the wind lulled me–at one knot over the water, our near miss of a man-made rock did not register.  I was easily distracted, and soon thereafter we saw a rice bag printed with Japanese lettering I simply had to have …



Wing and Wing in boisterous seas

  1. Unintended permalink
    August 13, 2012 8:20 pm

    What, no scourging? You call that penance? Why, I’ve been more abashed forgetting to shave in the morning. Kidding aside…are you implying that salt water takes longer to dry than fresh? How does that work? Salt makes it wetter longer, or…?

    • August 13, 2012 8:50 pm

      Well, you know, I’m not bragging; thus penitent.

      Water with salt in solution leaves salt crystals behind when I dries: salt absorbs moisture; thus seawater soaked anything feels moist if one is in a humid environment, even a hot one. If the salt does crystalize it can be shaken like dust out of coarsely woven fabric, but some always remains.

      On Aug 13, 2012,

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