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Low and Gray

May 12, 2011

Position: 06.29.098N by 129.16.894W
Course: 190t
Speed: 6 knots
Wind: 10 knots ESE
Sea: 3 – 4 feet NE
Temp: 75 degrees
Bar: 1010

123 miles yesterday. But I set ships clocks back two hours to Marquesas time–so that was a 26 hour period.

Tough times. Drizzle, low ceiling all day. But lumpy mixed swell such that Murre refuses to allow a full set of sail unless I’m OK with those sails, especially the main, beating themselves to death. Have tried everything. Am tired, and all I have to show for it is 15 miles since noon and now just a jib and mizzen up.

Heading south.

Batteries low. More later.

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